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Hosted CRM – Hybrid Model

Most of our Hosted CRM customers’ needs are met by either the shared model or the dedicated model. However, some of our customers need to include additional elements from on-premises deployments to fit their particular business requirements.

The hybrid model is a combination of the on-premises CRM model and the hosted CRM model.

Benefits of a hybrid deployment of hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In addition to the benefits of a virtual dedicated environment, our hybrid model provides some unique benefits that allow it to meet specific business needs.

  • Maintain physical control of your database behind your corporate firewall.
  • Leverage the cloud to lower your cost of managing a CRM system.
  • Gain the experience of a leading hosted solutions provider.
  • Save money by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM licenses that you already own.

In a typical hybrid-model deployment, we provide a dedicated virtual environment of hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM in our datacenters while our customer continues to host the database on-site, behind their own corporate firewall. This solution allows companies to leverage the advantages of cloud deployments while maintaining physical control of their data in their own offices or datacenter.

Our hybrid model also allows companies who want to move their CRM system to the cloud to utilize any Microsoft Dynamics CRM licenses that they already own. Many of our customers who leverage a hybrid model use licenses that they purchased through the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. They no longer want to host CRM and manage their CRM system themselves, but they want to make use of the licenses they that already purchased. In such a scenario, our customers pay us a lower, hosting-only monthly fee because they are not consuming the CRM licenses through us.

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